Automatic turning

Automatic turning of metal and plastic parts - bar turning

Bar turning refers to a type of manufacturing where round parts (screws, bolts, pins, etc.) are machined by removing material from metal bars using a cutting tool.

Automatic milling:
The milling refers to the removal of material in chip form due to the combination of 2 movements: the rotation of the cutting tool and the advancement of the piece. Milling helps, if the machine is equipped with digital control, to achieve any kind of shape even complex.

Automatic turning:
The turning is also a machining process that consist in obtaining pieces of cylindrical or conical shape using cutting tools, by removing chips. In turning, the cutting movement is obtained by rotating the clamped piece, and the advancing movement by the movement of the cutting tool.
The parts are machined in small, medium or large production runs on automatic lathes, either conventional (cam) or numerically controlled (bi-spindle, two or three turrets). They are then machined in the bar one after the other, the goal being to attain high productivity and precision. It is also desirable, in general, to produce as few shavings as possible.

Generally, the parts machined in this way are subjected to subsequent operations (heat or surface treatment) before they are used to build sub-assemblies.
We offer you bar turning of mechanical parts in small and medium productions runs from Ø 3 to Ø 65 mm.

Automatic turning

Our production capacity accommodates small, medium, and large runs of parts, all meticulously machined on automatic lathes. These lathes can be either conventional, relying on cam mechanisms, or numerically controlled with bi-spindle or multi-turret configurations. The sequential machining of parts within the bar ensures both high productivity and unrivaled precision. We are dedicated to minimizing waste, aiming to produce minimal shavings while upholding top-quality results.

Following our precise machining processes, the components often undergo subsequent operations, such as heat or surface treatments, to enhance their performance and durability. We proudly offer bar turning services for mechanical parts in both small and medium production runs, ranging from Ø 3 to Ø 65 mm.
If you seek to optimize your manufacturing processes and elevate the quality of your components, our mastery of automatic turning and related techniques provides the solutions you need. Contact us today to explore how our expertise can transform your projects and propel your success.

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